People make the difference at every level of your organization. At Sunbolt Recruiting Group, people are the focus of everything we do.

With more than a decade of bringing together exceptional talent with outstanding opportunities, we have seen the impact that the right person can bring to your team. We understand that every individual, every employer, and every sector is different. This understanding translates to our emphasis on your specific needs. It informs everything we do and every relationship we build - whether you are a client, a candidate, or a new member of our team.

We always begin by asking ourselves how we can help YOU achieve YOUR goals before we get to work. We deliver results that overcome hiring obstacles and places talent that positively impacts companies, teams, and communities.

It's talent that makes a difference!

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Sunbolt Recruiting Group is a boutique executive search firm that focuses on the following industries and cross-functional roles:

Manufacturing / Consumer Goods / CPG

We provide insight and expertise in a variety of manufacturing and manufacturing related verticals. We offer both permanent hire and contract staffing options in the following:
  • Engineering & Engineering Management
  • Operations / Plant Management / Business Unit Management
  • Quality Engineering & Management
  • Continuous Improvement / OPEX / Six Sigma
  • Program and Project Management
  • SAP / ERP Development and Management
  • Automation & Controls Engineeing
  • Program and Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • C-Suite & Executive Leadership

  • Finance / Accounting

    Regardless of the industry, finance and accounting professionals are critical to every organization’s success. We find the accounting and finance experts to facilitate lasting financial growth including:
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Controller
  • FP&A Analyst (Manager, Director)
  • Revenue Cycle Director/Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Staff Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Revenue Accountant
  • AP/AR
  • Auditor
  • CPA

  • Human Resources

    HR professionals are the people behind your people. From long term planning to employee engagement, they provide invaluable human capital management insights. We provide HR leadership solutions across multiple industries.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  • Director / VP of Human Resources
  • HR Generalist
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Benefits Analyst / Specialist
  • Internal Recruiter/ Talent Acquisition
  • Payroll Specialist

  • Other Industries

    Don't see your industry here? Not to worry! While our primary focus is on the industries listed above, we have successfully placed candidates into a number of other industries including IT/Software Engineering, SAAS Providers, and legal just to name a few. If your industry or career path is outside our expertise, we can put you in touch with someone who can help!


    No one knows the employment market better than a professional recruiter ... No one!! In-house human resources personnel, no matter how effective, view the marketplace through an imperfect prism and tunnel vision is their occupational hazard.
    Just as physicians are cautioned against treating members of their own families, so too is it folly for an in-house HR professional to believe that they have an undistorted and unbiased picture of the employment landscape. They are vulnerable to the pressures of internal politics and cultural dimensions which do not hinder the outsider. Today's business environment is complex, competitive, and ever-changing. Your hiring needs are no different. Businesses that can consistently recruit the best people not only thrive, but survive in uncertain times. Consider the following as you contemplate engaging a search firm.


    Think about the amount of time it takes for your managers to surface, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire the best potential candidate. A Search Consultant is an expert with a proven process, resources, and a team to support them. They search, screen, qualify, and present only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements saving you and your company substantial time and energy.

    Passive Candidates

    Much of the top talent is very happy with their current position. They simply are not spending the time looking for a new job – they are dedicating their time to performance. A Search Consultant’s skill is in sourcing the right candidate, not the most available candidate! There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently hire the most talented people is to find all of them and then approach each of them. An effective Search Consultant will do this by making thousands of phone calls and connecting deep within a network that is painstakingly built.


    Many times a hiring manager is left to guess what is motivating a candidate. A candidate is much more likely to tell a Search Consultant why they would consider making a career move. The recruiter acts as a third party negotiator concentrating on bringing the two parties to a mutually beneficial relationship. What’s more, their reputation is reliant upon their ability to clear red flags, ask tough questions and mitigate risks to ensure both parties are making a good decision. The best candidates can be recruited by the combined efforts of a Search Consultant and a successful hiring manager.

    Industry Awareness

    A Search Consultant works all day talking to hundreds of people. They know your competitors. They know who’s doing the business and who is not. They know what it would take to recruit a key player from your competition, but most of all they know how to help you keep your key players on your team.

    Cast A Wider Net

    Companies tend to advertise locally, therefore, usually attracting local talent. Advertising is not cheap and to advertise in multiple locations could be as costly as paying a Search Firm. A Search Consultant will stay local, if needed, or go out as far as necessary to find the best possible candidate.

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    We welcome the opportunity to give you all the details of our services and to customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us or submit your online request form.


    If you’ve never worked with a recruiter, it can be intimidating. But if the job you seek is connected to a search firm, you want to know your stuff. Recruiters are typically hired by the company to find outstanding potential employees and narrow them down based on a profile from the company. The recruiter then hands over a best-of-the-best list to the client.

    Generally speaking, there are two types of search firms: Retained and Contingency. Retained search firms are hired and paid by a company to identify and recruit employees with a specific skill set. A contingency firm does the same thing, but is paid only when a company hires a candidate it found. In both cases, there will never be a fee charged to the candidate. Any and all fees associated with the recruiting process are paid for by the client.

    When working with a recruiter, there are a number of things you should always keep in mind:

    Establish an Understanding about Communication

    Communication is key to any business relationship, and the recruiting process is no different. Tell the recruiter when and how you prefer to stay in touch. Be honest and open about your career goals, relocation options, and salary requirements.

    Respect the search

    If you are indeed searching for a new position, be serious about it. Keep the lines of communication open by checking and responding to voice mail, email and text messages.

    Pretend the recruiter is the employer

    When you are dealing with the search firm, act no differently than you would if your dream company were calling. Remember, however, that in hiring a search firm, a company has basically outsourced the search. Harassing and/or threatening behavior will not get you that dream job, and it never a good strategy for the candidate to call the company directly.

    Know the expectations and timeline

    Each recruiter is different, and a candidate must find out how the process is going to work at the beginning. Be realistic about the timeline, and discuss these issues with the recruiter.

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